A collection of Pokémon-related projects created by @psyked


Gotta Catch 'em All! - Access data on all of the known Pokémon using the links below.

Poké Codename

Find your perfect Pokémon-related codename. Perfect for spies, secret projects and Agile teams.

Poké Palette

Find inspiration in your favourite Pokémon sprite by turning it into a colour palette.


Put the original (low-resolution) Pokémon sprites through the HIGHRESONATOR TM and create beautiful, high resolution versions of the sprites, suitable for use as desktop or mobile wallpapers or for sharing on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Lego Pokémon

Ever wanted to re-create the classic Pokémon Sprites in Lego? This tool will help you do so. Pick a source sprite and we'll match the sprite pixels with available Lego bricks and tell you exactly how to make your pixelart dreams a reality.